Our Story



At the age of 24, Sports Magic Pty Ltd was established by owner Fabian Yu in 1998 in Kogarah NSW. Fabian was approached by several sporting bodies to design and manufacture their clothing. Hence began the journey and Sports Magic Pty Ltd was born.

Fabian has worked with some of Rugby Leagues best names, designing and manufacturing their caps and clothing. He has worked with the National Basketball League and World Cup Rugby League. Sportsmagic Pty Ltd designed and manufactured the Lebanon World Cup side in 2000.Their entire uniform was sublimated, an advance that the rest of the industry was yet to discover. Today all licensed NRL jerseys are sublimated.

Since then, Fabian has travelled the world in search of the best manufacturers, factories and suppliers available. He is constantly researching the latest products, styles and fabrics.

This year we have established a joint office in Brisbane NSW and hope to expand further in the near future. His vision for Sportsmagic Pty Ltd is to be the ultimate supplier and manufacturer of quality sportswear, team wear, uniforms and promotional products.

There are many cheap, inferior garments, fabrics and products available on the market, unfortunately, many of which are produced in sweat shops in third world countries. Sportsmagic Pty Ltd is strongly against this exploitation of workers in these countries and their unacceptable and appalling working conditions. With this in mind, Fabian and his team visit our joint factories in China several times a year where a team of dedicated staff work closely with us to oversee all vital aspects of the supply chain. This ensures our customers receive a high-quality product that they are 100% satisfied with.

Sportsmagic Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned business.