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As you would have seen from the massive range on our website, we are open to talks with clubs, organisations, and government institutions to host your apparel and merchandise on our website.

Featuring a fully functional checkout system with state-of-the-art security and user experience in mind, let us do all the heavy lifting while you promote your brand!



Haven't got an idea about where to start? Don't worry, we've been there and helped hundreds of individuals build their idea from the ground up.

Because we are literally a one-stop shop, we have all the tools necessary to carry out your vision, while our design experts guide you every step of the way.



Sometimes you have an idea but just can't get it on paper - or in our world, on the computer screen!

Well, that's not an issue for our design team. With a little description from you, we can digitise any drawing, make any pattern come to life and flesh out a simple sketch to a fully-fledged design, ready to print.



To keep it simple, sublimation printing is the process of using high temperatures to evaporate ink off paper and into the fabric itself. Compared to heat transfer or screen printing, where the ink only coats the surface, sublimation literally dyes the colour into your entire garment. Therefore, allowing to it last the lifetime of the garment while never ever washing off - trust us, the garment will fall off your back before the ink ever fades or dulls.

This process is our most popular and recommended way to purchase your custom garments, as it allows for UNLIMITED possibilities. Oh, and did we mention that you can add whatever you want to the garment during the design process including sponsor logos, extra patterns etc. and the price will still be the same. Also, unlike other suppliers, our minimum quantity is only 6x units - you can still order less than that, but there will just be an extra cost on top.



This process utilises our in-house professional grade printer to print and cut small to medium designs on the spot, like logos and player numbers, which then get transferred on top of the garment through high temperatures melting the glue of the vinyl underneath. While not as durable as sublimation printing, 95% of time this will still last you the entire lifetime of the garment.

We normally recommend this method to customers who are wanting a set of matching garments within a short turnaround time - where sublimation printing may be 3-5 weeks.



You might have heard a lot more about screen printing than the processes mentioned above. That's because it has been around the longest. Using the classic stencil print technique where ink is coated to areas of a product not exposed by the stencil’s cut-out. Unlike sublimation and heat transfer, where you can have unlimited colours and the cost will remain the same, each stencil must have its own separate colour and is charged separately.

We only recommend this method where the customer prefers the look of a raised print, has less colours in their design, and intends to order in large bulk quantities.



Another traditional process, in which we simply cut and sew pieces of fabric (often cotton) together, to create a new look and feel. Here, garments are produced using pre-dyed fabric. While not as popular as other processes, the outcome of a cut & sew garment can really bring a simple, yet vintage feel to your custom clothing. Don't stress if you don't know where to begin, our team can guide you through a range of design options.



One of the most popular ways to achieve a clean and professional look. Of course, most of us already understands what this process involves - using thousands of threads and stitches to create an artwork. Similar to screen printing, colour and simplicity is of the essence here, but our team are here to guide you as to what is possible and what other options we can do to achieve the look that you want.



As mentioned in heat transferring, our in-house printer is not exclusively used for just custom garments. We can use it for all sorts of stickers, decals and even car wrapping!

Let us know what know what’s in your head and we’ll put that stress to bed. 



Need we say more? One-stop shop. We can source every kind of promotional item and equipment you need. From soccer balls to drink bottles, flags, marquees and table covers - you won't need to look anywhere else.